LeadBurst Marketing is your complete solution working within your strategic plans. We offer creative development, management of online campaign distribution through multiple channels, targeted cost per acquisition lead generation, optimization and analysis to ensure optimum quality and ROI.

  • Are you reaching your target audience effectively?
  • Is your product or service compelling and competitive?
  • Are you meeting your performance goals?
  • Do you have insight into the performance of your current campaigns?
  • What are you doing to optimize your campaigns?

Performance Based Leads/Sales

We're celebrating over 10 years of success in Affiliate Marketing. Pay only for results. Whether it's leads, inbound calls or sales, we are not successful unless you are. This is why our knowledge, experience and relationships are crucial. At LeadBurst Marketing, we fulfill your online marketing objectives, on time and on budget.

When planning our integrated campaigns, we examine criteria such as target customer demographics, psychographic data, campaign seasonality, and the value placed on new customer acquisition.

In addition, we find it extremely important to understand your product, history, target and success metrics. By doing so, LeadBurst is able to match your campaigns needs to specific programs and channels ensuring the best placements, prices and return on your investment.

Creative Design

As a full service internet marketing agency, LeadBurst Marketing offers high quality graphic design services. Our clients benefit from our unique ability to blend visually appealing design with the power of online marketing. With our approach to seamlessly integrate the two, we achieve amazing results that generate more business. Our talented designers create intuitive, graphically appealing creatives that will effectively communicate your marketing message.

  • Custom Web Design and Development
  • Landing Pages/Mini Sites
  • Logo & Banner Design
  • Effective Email Creative Design
  • Custom Facebook Timeline Cover Image
  • Custom YouTube/Twitter Background

Inbound Sales Calls

So, you've got a great product and amazing sales people. You just need the right, targeted prospect to call. LeadBurst Marketing can develop a dedicated, online campaign which fuses inbound call campaigns with the accountability of online performance marketing. Here's how it works:

  • Ads are distributed by trusted publisher partners via multiple channels. Interested, targeted prospects click on your ad to learn more.
  • The targeted prospect is directed to a landing page which contains additional information about your product. The landing page features a few form fields to gather basic information thus validating the consumers interest in what you are offering.
  • Once the targeted prospect submits their information, they are taken to a call to action page which boldly features your phone number. These are high quality calls to your inbound call center as the consumer has taken the steps to click on your ad, fill in basic information and call about your product.

LeadBurst Marketing Services

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